Secrets of Offline Dating


Here we’ll cover all the details on Secrets of Offline DatingTM: The Single Woman’s Guide to Finding Love in the Real World and exactly what it can do for you.
A great
way to show the power and benefits of Secrets of Offline Dating is through stories, so let’s kick things off with a tale of Facebook, a first date fail, and the (not-so-great) feeling every single gal has experienced at some point...
“I feel like I’ll be single forever”
It’s Saturday night, you’re home alone.

After a late dinner of microwaved tacos and watching The Notebook for the twenty-sixth time, you crawl into bed and grab your tablet for a glance at Facebook.
Sales page_girl night tablet
Your newsfeed explodes.
Your college roommate just had her bachelorette party in New Orleans. Hmm looks like fun.
Wait, your cousin Carrie just had a baby? She’s ten years younger than you - when did she even get a boyfriend?
OMG. Your ex-boyfriend just got engaged. Awesome.
Just what you want to see as a single girl sitting in bed alone on a Saturday night. Can you just be asleep already?
All that stuff is great for those people, but for you it’s just a reminder of how badly you want those same things. And they seem far from happening any time soon.
I mean, the most recent venture you had with a guy was that awful first date last week.
You met him online, and messaged back and forth for a week or so, and got the impression he was a nice guy and fairly attractive.
He finally asked you to meet - but when you walked in the coffee shop you didn’t even recognize him. His profile picture was from at least 5 years (and 20 pounds) ago.
Well, you thought, let’s see where the conversation goes.
Answer? Absolutely nowhere.
And that was just one of the bad or, at best, “meh” dates you’ve been on lately. A girl can only take so much disappointment.
Sometimes it seems easier to just give up on finding The One and bury yourself in work and friends. I mean, you feel like you’re “putting yourself out there”, but either attracting guys you’re not interested in or can’t keep things going with the ones you actually like.
You finally admit something to yourself: being single feels lonely. Really lonely.
And it’s not fair. You’re amazing and have tons of awesome things to offer the right guy. Successful career, close friends and family, volunteering every month at the Humane Society… and you could definitely hold your own against Rachael Ray in a cook-off. 
You’re more than ready to meet a quality guy who appreciates you and who’s ready for a relationship.
But how?

You’ve tried online dating - every app and every site. You’ve paid a coach to have your online profile redone, answered tons of personal questions, taken quizzes, checked boxes. You’ve read books, gone to workshops and taken your girlfriends’ advice. You even hired an expensive matchmaker.
Where IS he already??
After all that, it’s easy to let the mindset creep in that every single gal (myself included) has succumbed to at some point - the black hole of self-doubt…
Are all the good men taken?
Is something wrong with me?
Am I going to be single forever?

It’s not you - it’s your approach
Ok, stop right there.

There are plenty of awesome single men still out there, there’s nothing wrong with you, and I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be single forever - if you’re open to changing things up a bit.

Sales page_girl morning coffee 

We all know the definition of insanity, so if you’re not getting the results you want it’s time for a new approach.


One that helps you attract and keep the right guys, avoid the wrong ones, and have a lot of fun in the process.


One that isn’t just filled with vague, inspirational fluff (“just be yourself!”, “stay positive!”), but actually shows you step-by-step specific words, actions and intentions you can apply in your own life for incredible results.


A proven approach that’s based on years of real world experience and told through personal stories so you can see the techniques in action (and stay super entertained).


Because as much as movies try to tell us otherwise, finding love actually requires a little effort with navigating all the steps between that initial encounter and getting into a relationship.


So how can you get the tools to find the right guy and avoid the missteps along the way? 

The definitive toolkit for single woman

Hi I’m Camille, an offline dating expert who works with single women of all ages to master the art of offline dating.
I’ve been mastering this art for years by simply living out my passion and honing a talent for connecting with others in person, including meeting and dating men.

It wasn’t always that way though. I’m an introvert, and growing up I was super shy around men - I mean, really shy. That cute guy who smiled at me in class?
First thought: he must be looking at the girl behind me.
Second thought: Wait? Me?!? $%#!! Find something to be super interested in until he goes away!
I finally got tired of feeling totally clueless with those kinds of situations and decided to do something about it. So, I started taking small steps outside my comfort zone to gradually build up my confidence around men. And the results were amazing (more on those in a bit).
Going outside my comfort zone included challenging myself in a good way, like going to a party alone and not leaving until I met at least one new person.
It also included some not-so-good challenges, like calling the house of a guy I liked over 30 times (!!) to ask if he was going to our high school dance that night (I learned later he had caller ID - a new technology back then - sooooo he pretty much thought I was a psycho).
But between all those uncomfortable situations and embarrassing moments, I learned a ton about men and dating - like what to do and what NOT to do. And it paid off. 
I began to see the number of times I was asked for my phone number climb into the triple digits - without ever going online.
Pushing myself like that also meant I always had great dating stories to share with my single girlfriends. But they didn’t really have the same. That’s when I started noticing my approach was different from theirs. Way different. And because of that, so were my results with finding great men.
While my girlfriends were hitting the town in big groups and giving the death stare to any man who dared approach them, I was going places alone and taking advantage of every opportunity to engage with random people - because after all the practice I’d done, it was really fun.
The guy who just complimented my shoes, or had a witty comment after I spilled my coffee on the table? Snap! I was on it.
I learned how to take random icebreakers like those and turn them into a date for the weekend - and genuine ways to keep men attracted to and interested in me throughout the dating process.
Finally, my friends asked how I was able to meet all these guys in real life. Being a consultant at the time, I broke everything down into bullet points and action steps they could apply in their own life - then presented it to them in PowerPoint:

Secrets + How to Meet Him Offline_Sales page pic 3 v2 
They loved it!
So, I started emailing it around to other single girlfriends asking for feedback and other topics to cover:

Secrets + How to Meet Him Offline_Sales page pic 4 v3  
After requests for a class kept coming up, I created a live workshop and began teaching women all over Chicago how they could also date offline.


Dozens of workshops later, I realized there was a core set of dating challenges that most single women were facing - and I had the passion and know-how to help them overcome every single one.


Teaching provided the opportunity to talk with dozens of women about their dating struggles, and soon I had more topics, advice, and stories than would fit in an evening workshop. So, I gathered everything into the Secrets of Offline Dating, which has now reached women from all over the world.

“The course teaches you skills for interacting with men in any social setting. These days it seems like everyone cowards behind a laptop and few have the courage to walk up to a stranger with confidence. The course reminded me of how to do that. It encouraged me to put on some lipstick, make eye contact and get my flirt on.
        - Dal

How Secrets of Offline Dating will change your life 

Have Fun with Meeting + Dating Again


From the grocery store to the airport, start turning the places you already go into hotspots for meeting and dating. Because having a romantic connection sneak up on you AND knowing exactly how to handle it = so much fun.

“I’ve jumped OFF the online dating train and I have to admit I feel a thousand times better. Camille gently flipped my disdain for modern dating into what I can only describe as fun! I’m just having so much more FUN now! The positive vibration surrounding this woman is so contagious, it’s no wonder she gets asked out on dates practically everywhere she goes. And now I’VE been flirted with about a million times since our interview!”
         - Julie


Secrets_Sales Page pic 6 

Find a Better Balance with (or Complete Alternative to) Online Dating


After one too many bad experiences online, isn’t it nice to know there’s another option? Online dating has benefits, but finding your match is much more likely to happen when you try a few different approaches, like being able to take advantage of all the offline opportunities we’re given.
When you diversify your dating approach portfolio, you increase the chance of meeting someone special.

“There are so many women burned out with online dating – this is a breath of fresh air.”
         - Kathleen

“I’ve been working on some things from the workshop and have snagged a great guy. We met speed dating, which I’d tried before I took your class, but there have been a few key changes I’ve made since taking it that I think have made for more success dating, and in life overall: I’ve focused on putting more effort into my appearance, I’ve tried to be more approachable, and (this was probably the hardest for me) I’ve really focused on letting the guy be a man on dates. One-year later: I’m happy to report that the great guy is still in the picture :)”
         - Viki


Feel More Confident Interacting with Everyone

The foundation of all the advice in Master the Art of Offline Dating lies in giving you the power to create a connection with others, regardless of the outcome.


Chatting up a cute guy while you were simply going about your day? Awesome. Being able to confidently talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere? Life-changing. 


You’ll be in control of who you meet and make each interaction go exactly the way you want it to.

“Aside from dating, your classes have helped me open up to better connections not only with guys but with women as well. I’m becoming friends with more co-workers! Feeling more comfortable around people in general is a great feeling.”
         - Erica

Tailor Techniques to Your Personality + Learn at Your Own Pace


You get lifetime access to Secrets, so go at your own pace as you feel ready to advance. You’ll also get different types of story examples, so if a certain approach doesn’t feel totally authentic to you, there’s plenty of alternatives to choose from.

“Camille leaves her students with a lot of options that they can alter to fit their personalities and styles.”
         - Lindsey

“Positive and encouraging - Camille lets us know we all have allure.”
         - Debra


Feel Supported + Inspired


My dating stories and lessons learned only happened because I went through a wide range of experiences - from the good, to the bad, to the super duper ugly. 
Whatever you’ve been through in your personal dating life, I can pretty much guarantee I’ve been through something similar - at the very least, enough to empathize and give you ways to get past it. I’m here to help you every step of the way.

“The course has made me more aware in every aspect of my life, and that’s made me more positive. People have always told me I'm ’nice’ and ’encouraging’ - but I don’t know that I’m actually encouraging MYSELF. That’s what your course does - it allows us to encourage ourselves in easy, concrete ways.”
         - Kathleen

Features of Secrets of Offline Dating

Here’s a quick glance at the list of the course sections (each expands into bite-sized lessons, all under 10 minutes):

  Secrets_Sales page pic 5 v3

Easy + Actionable Tips You Can Immediately Put to Use


Topics are wrapped up into well organized, bite-sized lectures between 1-10 minutes, so just listen and apply the tips as you have time throughout your day.

“I had never been asked on a date from a casual encounter at a grocery store or on the bus or anything like that…. But the very same evening after I took your workshop and was putting some of your advice into practice, a guy asked for my phone number! No joke!”
      - Ellen

“What I really appreciate is how easy the tips can be incorporated into daily life. They were like light bulbs going off over my head. Her tips are very practical, and she gives lots of helpful examples to get you thinking.”
      - Ashley


Here’s one of the lessons from the course that can start giving you instant results:



Comfortable Ways to Push Past Your Comfort Zone


No matter your social comfort level, Secrets will meet you where you’re at and give you the tools to master each step before moving on to the next. Even if you’re super shy, you’ll find comfortable ways to start things off slow and gradually build your confidence from there.

“Secrets of Offline Dating is perfect to help you gradually step outside your social comfort zone - it’s such a great way to shake yourself up!”
         - Kathleen

Great Stories + Real Life Examples


I’ll share dozens of my personal stories to keep you entertained and further illustrate everything we’re learning. My philosophy: if it’s a bad date, it’s a good story. And I have a LOT of good stories!


“Loved all the examples and real life scenarios.”
      - Christina

“Camille gives the information with good authority and real life experience.”
      - Debra


Secrets_Sales page pic 7I love a man who appreciates my (slightly twisted) sense of humor

Clear + Concise Content


I like it when people get to the point - so I’ve made Secrets of Offline Dating the same way. The lessons are clear, topics are organized, and stories are told in a way that makes it super easy to apply the skills in your own life.


“Categories are well organized and broken down into clear and concise lectures – extremely easy to follow.”
      - Susan

“Informative, clear and accessible.”
      - Sid

4 Hours of Content (+ growing) and Lifetime Access From Anywhere


Secrets is nearly 4 hours of content, broken up into bite-sized lessons that are easy to listen to. Access it from anywhere you have your phone, tablet or computer - at home, on your commute, during a workout, cooking dinner... anywhere!


“I love that you provide so many tips to choose from. We can literally try all of them, some of them, or even just focus on one at a time to start. And each one will have an impact, like upping your confidence, or having someone say hello to you. It’s like a domino effect. The sum of the parts is even greater than the individual parts alone.”
      - Kathleen

And, you’ll have lifetime access to all current and all future materials (and there’s a lot more content and topics in the works).

Here’s just a few topics you’ll learn in the course:

    •  How to show your femininity without coming off as helpless

    •  8 ways to comfortably initiate a conversation yourself, without risk of rejection

    •  How to avoid being caught off-guard when a guy approaches you - and exactly what to do next

    •  Ways to kindly but firmly end a conversation you don’t want to be in anymore

    •  7 easy scenarios that encourage a random meeting

    •  What do when he’s giving you mixed signals

    •  A step-by-step guide of what to do on each date and how to progress things toward a relationship

Bonuses Galore

Secrets of Offline Dating also includes easy and simple beauty tips to help you make a killer first (and second, and third…) impression on everyone you meet:

    •  Fun ways to revamp your current wardrobe for free

    •  How to comfortably show off parts of your unique style + personality

    •  The most alluring hairstyle of all - for every hair type

    •  Video demos on how to master your make-up


“I’ve focused on putting more effort into my appearance - when you look good, you feel good.” 
      - Viki

Because it’s true: when you look amazing, you can’t help but feel it to. And a confident woman is an unstoppable woman.

Your Risk-Free Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you…


I know how difficult it is trying to find your match with all the different options out there - promising the moon and stars if only you invest in the latest dating app, the new bestselling book, the professional matchmaker.


But here’s the thing. I am so committed to helping you get into an amazing relationship and I believe so strongly in the incredible results that Secrets of Offline Dating can give you that I want to do something special.


I want to make it impossible for you to fail by taking away every reason you might NOT join this course which could literally change your life.


So I want you to try the entire Secrets of Offline Dating course absolutely risk-free for 30 days.

30 day guarantee  

Watch the videos, apply the tips, and see how a few key tweaks in words and actions can make a huge impact on your everyday life.


And if you don’t see results in those first 30 days, then I don’t want you to pay for anything.


I’m willing to do this because I believe in the course that much, and I believe in you - and I want you to know that I’m 100% here for you.


I understand there are going to be people who will sign up for the course, experience amazing results, and still want a refund because honesty isn’t one of their core values.


But I’m willing to take that risk because I know that for the right people, this 30-day guarantee will help you feel safe and supported that you made the right decision by joining.


If you decide to cancel, I just ask that you show me your work - that you actually invested the time and applied the techniques in your own life. Because if you put in the work and it didn’t work for you, then I don’t want your money.


And I’m absolutely willing to go the distance if you are.


So if you're ready to take your dating confidence and social skills to a whole new level and experience some life-changing results, click below to get started:

Button_secrets buy

Still have some questions, like will Secrets of Offline Dating work for you personally, or how does it compare to all the other dating advice out there?

Keep scrolling, sister...

FAQ’s about Secrets of Offline Dating
Secrets of Offline Dating is the perfect resource for you if: 
    •  You’re burned out with online dating and want another option to meet and date
    •  You prefer an authentic and natural approach to dating
    •  You want to create an amazing “how we met story” with your future partner in real life
And you’ll see some amazing results, even if:
    •  You’re an introvert - or even just selectively shy around men you’re attracted to
    •  The thought of approaching a guy gives you hives
    •  You don’t feel super confident holding a conversation with a guy you’re interested
Still wondering if Secrets of Offline Dating is right for you?
Check out the answers to common FAQ’s - click a question below to jump to the answer:

    •  How do I know it’s a good investment?
    •  Will it work for my unique personality / lifestyle / social comfort level?
    •  How is it different from all the other dating advice out there?
    •  But I’m taller / shorter / paler / darker / [insert physical trait] - how do I know it’ll work for me?
    •  Does it use any scammy tricks or manipulative tactics?
    •  What results can I expect after taking the course?


How do I know it’s a good investment?


First, you have a 30-day moneyback guarantee - see the section Your Risk-Free Guarantee above for full details on that.
That’s my promise to you that you have absolutely nothing to lose and will feel safe and supported in your decision to join.

30 day guarantee

I’ve had hundreds of students from around the world (including MEN) to prove that the tips and techniques actually work - which is why I offer the 30 day money back guarantee. If you commit to Secrets, I will be with you every step of the way. It’s not going to happen overnight, but you will have all the tools and strategies to get there.
If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to enroll; trying out the course for a few weeks is the best way to see for yourself the amazing results it can give you.
Plus Secrets is like the mafia - once you’re in, you’re in. That means unlimited access to the definitive toolkit for women who want to date offline - with proven techniques, a vault of stories and real life experiences, and support all along the way.

“I can’t get enough of her strategies and advice. She leaves her students with a lot of options that they can alter to fit their personalities and styles.
        - Lindsey

You’re also in good hands. Reach out to me anytime you feel stuck, need a little inspiration or if something’s not totally clear.
I read every email students send my way and I’m here to answer your questions and share advice on any dating dilemma you’re going through right now. Your question may even inspire a future course topic!

“I even shot Camille a quick note, and she wrote me back. I recommend this course if you want practical (and really not scary!) ways to learn how to be more approachable and to also have an instructor who’s responsive and encouraging.
        - Ashley

Will it work for my unique personality / lifestyle / social comfort level?

The foundation of Secrets lies in creating authentic connections with other people. Many of the tips are approaches humans have used to connect with other each for thousands of years - aspects like body language, conversations, eye contact and more.

If you’re human, you’ll find plenty of tips in Secrets that will help you meet and date a great guy. It also provides different techniques that are easily tailored to your unique personality and lifestyle, regardless of where you live, what kind of job you have or anything else that makes each of us so very special.

“Easy to choose the parts that were right for me - it’s not an ’all or nothing’ method!
        - Dena

The techniques are actually so natural and universal that a lot of them can even be applied to MEN.
Seriously! To my own surprise, a lot of single men have joined both Secrets of Offline Dating and How to Meet Him Offline and found the tips incredibly helpful:

“Disclaimer: This review is from a guy’s perspective. Let me begin by saying that I finished this course in one sitting. I started this course at night, and it kept me up till two in the morning. That’s how engaging the content is. It doesn’t hurt that the instructor is captivating and easy to listen to. The course is very well organized and professional. Never once was I lost or confused. Everything was covered sufficiently. As for the content, let me say this as a guy - All woman should take this course! The content was highly useful for me and I wasn’t even the target market! Women will find that this course without a doubt delivers on its claims.”
      - Ray

“Lady tested, gentleman approved. As a guy, I can say with confidence that women who follow the approaches detailed in this course will see some pretty dramatic changes in their interactions with men - both quantitatively and qualitatively.”
      - Justin

“I’m impressed both by the personalized nature of your business and the quality of your advice.”
      - Nathan

Given all the value the men have found in it, you can feel confident no matter what unique personality or physical aspects you bring to the table as a woman, the tips and advice in Secrets will absolutely work for you too.

But on that note, the course is only for those who are ready for it.

“You have to be ready to do something like this. I can send my friends your workshop or your blog articles, but I think women need to be ready to take a little leap of faith to try a new approach to make their dating lives better.
          - Kathleen

So just to be clear, Secrets of Offline Dating IS NOT for you if:

    •  You’re looking for a one-shot, magic bullet to build your confidence and find a guy

    •  You like to learn new material but not actually implement it

    •  You’re totally unwilling to go outside of your comfort zone

However, Secrets of Offline Dating IS for you if:

    •  You’re open to admitting something may be “off” with your approach to dating, but you’re not sure what it is

    •  The idea of increasing your confidence not just with men but with everyone sounds pretty amazing

    •  You’re a woman of action and enjoy putting what you learn immediately into action

    •  You’re open and willing to trying some new approaches you may not have thought of before

    •  You’re burned out with online dating and want more real world, authentic ways to find your match

“As an introvert, I enjoy the challenge to date offline. It’s not good for my self-development to do online dating because it’s not challenging me to go out and find people; it’s exactly what I would normally want to do (which is sit at home on my phone or on my computer). The idea of growing and moving forward was why I said ’ok, no more online dating - if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this in person.’ 
        - Michelle

How is it different from all the other dating advice out there?

Well first, unfortunately a lot of the dating advice out there is just bad (guessing you may have encountered some of that). From the vague (“change your mindset!” - um, to what?), to the expensive (pay thousands of dollars to have your online profile re-done and snap a few new photos), to the scammy (“learn the one sentence that will make him instantly commit to you!”). Um, no thanks.

“The course is great because it covers the basics of social interaction that have been forgotten - the skills that people don’t really learn anymore.
        - Tanya

Master the Art of Offline Dating resources are refreshingly different from all that. Whether attending a live workshop, or joining a course, you’ll get clear and actionable tips that you can start applying the minute you learn them. I also wanted to make these resources affordable and accessible, so if you’re truly serious about taking your dating skills to the next level, you’ll agree price is not a barrier at all.

“With so much emphasis on online dating, it’s refreshing to find a course about old fashion face-to-face interaction with men.”
        - Dal

Second, Secrets of Offline Dating provides techniques that are comfortable and true to your own unique personality. There’s no “magic bullet” when it comes to finding your match, because different approaches work for different people - and you’ll get a plenty of different options to choose from to find the ones just right for you.
Third... heck, let’s just look at the other dating approaches and how they compare to Master the Art of Offline Dating:

Buy a Book

Books are great, but they lack that feeling of real support and human interaction. Sitting at home alone reading about how to connect with other people seems… kind of ironic, right? Stories are so much better when they’re read out loud, with all the emotion behind them - and who doesn’t love sitting back and listening to stories? Plus you have personal access to me for further support. Can’t get that with a book.

“Some of the dating advice out there can be intimidating, or just not for me. Like self help books. I don’t want to go to a bookstore and stand in the self help aisle. It's so much better to say ’Camille’s an expert, I can come take this workshop or sign-up for this course’ and enjoy a more private and personal approach.
        - Kathleen

Online Dating

Meeting online can have its perks, but it’s risky to put all your dating eggs into that one basket. Besides not really knowing who you’re talking to until you actually meet up, your chance of being mistreated goes up when people can hide behind a screen. Plus the time it takes to answer messages and weed through online profiles can feel like a second full time job. Ugh, exhausting. And what about after you find a “match”? Mastering your offline dating skills will serve you throughout the dating process, regardless of how you initially meet your guy.

Hire a Dating Coach

Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars for an expensive coach that will update your online picture and profile. But what about when you’re actually face to face with the guy, which is (hopefully) how you’ll be spending the majority of your time together? Investing in lifelong social skills trumps a new online profile any day - plus, it’s a lot less expensive. Like, a lot a lot.

“What surprised me was how simple the steps and the tips were. I think when most people think of dating coaching, they think they’re going to put be put through the ringer to do all this role playing, and weird stuff that doesn’t feel natural. What surprised me about the course was that everything felt natural - you weren’t telling people to put on a different persona.
          - Tanya

Attend Singles Events (Speed Dating, etc)

Not sure about you, but even just the thought of these events gives me anxiety - especially because I can’t use my favorite excuse to decline an ask-out (“Thanks, but I have a boyfriend”) since clearly everyone there is single. These events also tend to show us only the most “polished” sides of each other, instead of our more authentic selves. You’re more likely to make a genuine connection when you meet someone while running errands or out with a girlfriend just being yourself, and he’s doing the same.

Figure Things Out Yourself

Oofda. It took me 10+ years (and more awkward moments than I can count - many of which are shared in Secrets) to master these techniques and learn all these lessons. Why reinvent the wheel? It’s a big waste of time, especially when the heavy lifting has already been done for you and packaged in a nice, neat, organized series of videos.

“For me, the course was exactly what I had been looking for. When it comes to dating, sometimes we’re sort of fumbling in the dark, asking our friends for advice, talking to our mom - but at some point you just need an outside perspective from a trusted expert.
          - Kathleen

Do Nothing

You can totally keep doing your current approach to dating, hoping things will finally just work out someday. But when New Year’s Eve comes around again, do you want to look back on this year the same way you looked back on last year? Or do you want to think about what an amazing year of growth it was because you chose to finally invest in yourself... and maybe even the one where you met your amazing boyfriend?
OK, but I’m taller / shorter / paler / darker / [insert physical trait] - how do I know it’ll work for me?


Success in meeting and dating doesn’t depend on how old you are or what you look like. It’s about feeling great in your own skin and having the ability to create instant, genuine connections with others.

“You provide different tips that will work for different people, and get us to think from a new perspective. For example, I’ve always been comfortable with my wardrobe, but the tips you provide on that topic in the course made me question ’Am I just wearing my work clothes all the time? What else do I have in my closet - how can I switch this up?’
        - Kathleen

Because the skillfully done make-up and fancy clothes have to come off at some point - and if we have the skills to comfortably reveal our authentic selves, whenever that time comes the connection with our partner will only grow stronger.

Secrets + How to Meet Him Offline_Sales Page pic 6 
The make-up and fancy clothes have to come off at some point

Beyond just authentic approaches to engaging others, Secrets covers easy and effective tips on hair, make-up and wardrobe for all shapes, sizes, heights, and ethnicities to get you looking great on the outside with the goal of feeling even better on the inside.

And if you feel confident in yoga pants and a hoodie, then absolutely go forth and conquer in yoga pants and a hoodie! I know a happily married couple who met each other mid-workout at the gym - heck, that’s where billionaire Mark Cuban met his wife.

Does it use any scammy tricks or manipulative tactics?


Not at all - in fact, the exact opposite. If something doesn’t feel authentic to me, I literally can’t do it. I’m a horrible liar, and I’m glad. That’s why the foundation of everything provided in Master the Art of Offline Dating is based on authenticity.

“I loved the push to be ourselves - our awesome selves.
        - Emily

Because this isn’t about using “hacks” or tricks to get men to like you. It’s about giving you the key skills to lead with your best self at every opportunity - and attracting a guy who recognizes and appreciates you for all of it.

What results can I expect after taking the course?

“I think it’s important to know that asking for help on the dating front isn’t an embarrassing thing. Everyone is identifying with the same issues here - we’re all in the same boat.
        - Tanya

After working with Master the Art of Offline Dating, clients have experienced some amazing (and often life-changing) results.
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Let’s read a story about how your life could look after applying the tools from Secrets of Offline Dating…

“We met in line at the coffee shop!”

It’s Wednesday morning, and you’ve now gone through all the lessons in Secrets of Offline Dating - twice actually, just to really drive home all the different techniques.


You’re grabbing coffee at your favorite little bakery before heading into the office. Waiting in line, you start checking out the mugs on display and pick up one to check the price underneath.
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 Suddenly, the guy behind you leans a little over your shoulder and says: 
That color’s my favorite. 
You turn around to see a tall man with bright blue eyes, flashing a big smile at you. Instantly you know this is not about the mug. He wants to talk to you and was just using it as an ice breaker. Genius.

Without missing a beat, you smile back and say
Oh yeah? So you’re a forest green type of guy? 
And a conversation has begun. Once the mug topic comes to a natural end, you keep things moving along with...  
How’s your day so far? you both continue moving up in line.
After chatting about how excited he is for his beach volleyball tournament tonight, and how it’s impossible for you to start the workday without the local dark roast coffee, it’s your turn at the register.
You place your order and as you’re reaching into your purse to grab your credit card, you feel his hand lightly touch your arm.

Please, this is my treat.
... he says. And before you can even protest (not that you would - the course reminded you how crucial it is to let a guy you’re interested in do whatever he offers for you), he places his own order and hands the cashier his card.
Thank you so much! say, as you give him your best I’m-so-happy-you-just-did-that smile and introduce yourself.
Returning the smile, and clearly pleased that he just made you happy, he comes back with:
My pleasure. I’m Ryan, by the way. And if you like dark roast coffee, I actually know a place a little north of here with an amazing blend. Any interest in checking it out with me, maybe this weekend?
And suddenly, instead of sitting at home alone this Saturday, you’ve got an afternoon coffee date with a nice, handsome, take-charge guy.
That feeling you used to get of kicking yourself after an awkward encounter with a guy? Gone.
Or not knowing what to say in the moment, only to think of it 30 minutes later? Problem no more.
You know how to handle every opportunity that comes your way, turn it into something actionable, and feel confident in your skills to naturally progress things from there.
Back to Ryan. Saturday arrives and your afternoon coffee date goes so well that you two decide to turn it into dinner. After enjoying an amazing conversation together over sushi, you head to an outdoor patio for dessert.

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Flash forward a few months and many more amazing dates later, you and Ryan are now officially together. It feels incredible.
And when people ask you how you found each other, you proudly say:
I let him pick me up at a coffee shop!
Sound too good to be true? I promise, it’s not.
Scenes like this play out all the time with women who know how to handle them - and with the right toolkit, you will be one of them.

Make 2016 the year of your great relationship
Finding your perfect match takes time - but the sooner you start gaining the skills and taking advantage of the opportunities, the sooner you’ll find him.

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You’re being presented with opportunities every day, it’s time to start taking advantage of them.
Why not give yourself the best tools and resources to succeed?

“Exceeded my expectations - this was just what I needed to get out of a rut and start the new year off right.”
          - Melissa

Hundreds of other clients have already started making connections and finding romance they’d have otherwise missed.
You already know you’re awesome - but sometimes we just need some tweaks in our approach to have everything finally fall into alignment

“These were great ideas for meeting people. Camille is articulate, inspiring and authentic in her ideas, suggestions and approach to meeting guys and dating. I really enjoyed taking this course.”
          - Vicki

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